About Mary

Mary Sayler at home
Surrounded by God's Word, family portraits, and poetry

My Work Space

My 1890's oak desk, reasonably new desktop computer, and I are surrounded by a shelf of family portraits, shelves piled with Bibles in almost every English translation, 5 shelves of Bible resources, 3 shelves of how-to books on poetry or writing in general, and 5 shelves of poetry anthologies and books of poems by classic, contemporary, and prize-winning poets - all of which are my "teachers" in a Christian writing life.

Writing in All Genres

In early childhood, I began reading the Bible and writing poems, but for most of my adult life I wrote almost everything except poetry! First came Bible and contemporary stories for children's take-home papers published by various church denominations. Then, as my kids grew up, I wrote children's novels, inspirational romances, a series of devotional books, a children's bedtime book, and nonfiction books including two life-health encyclopedias and a how-to course on poetry.

As a freelance and assignment writer for Christian and educational publishers, I occasionally wrote poems, which eventually placed with journals, anthologies, and e-zines.

With enough nature poems for a book, I started there, but as my writings began to center on God's Word, I soon had Bible-based poems for more than one book. Those books of poems, contemporary psalms, and prayers can be found on Amazon or each publisher's websites.

Mary Harwell Sayler

Read, study, practice, pray, play!

Most poets, writers, editors, pastors, or other communicators for Christ need plenty of time to pray, study, write, and revise along with a quiet space to get it done! Here's Mary's work room, which now includes a bunch of art supplies she's presently experimenting with in hopes of illustrating her books of poems and children's books.

A Christian poet, writer, freelance poetry editor, contest judge, Bible reviewer, poetry reviewer, blogger, lifelong student of the Bible, and Bible discussion leader in most church denominations, Mary Harwell Sayler's credits include over 30 books in all genres published by traditional, indie, or educational publishers, one of which received the annual award for nonfiction from the American Library Association (ALA.) In addition to those books, Mary has self-published e-books on  poetry and writing on Amazon She then studied many translations of the Bible, collected almost all of the actual prayers, which she paraphrased into contemporary English and published the prayer book, the Book of Bible Prayers. Since many people prefer the King James Version, she then published the Book of KJV Prayers.

Take Your Writing to the Next Level!

The Christian Poet's Guide to Writing Poetry (in traditional forms and free verse) will help you to discover the many options you have for your poems.  This e-book version of my former correspondence course shows how to revise your poems to fit a traditional form and how to break lines more effectively in your free verse. An A to Z glossary at the end of the book illustrates unique aspects of the poems discussed. Or, make user-friendly learning even easier with this one-of-a-kind e-book, the Poetry Dictionary For Children & For Fun - an A to Z guide to poetry forms, meter, and more for classrooms or creative kids of any age (including adult!) And, if poetry isn't your thing, discover your options for writing, revising, and getting published in all genres in the Christian Writer's Guide e-book. If you want one-on-one feedback from Mary on your poems, picture book text, devotionals, or book proposals, Contact Us with a brief description of your project, length, and intended audience for a quote on the reasonably priced fee.