Books by Mary Harwell Sayler

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The books still available in all genres by Mary Harwell Sayler can be found on her Amazon Author Page.

Newest books:

A Gathering of Poems collects a few new poems by Mary with the best of her poems previously published in periodicals, anthologies, and her poetry books Faces in a Crowd, Lost in Faith, Outside Eden.

the Book of Bible Prayers - actual Bible prayers collected from many translations of God's Word have been paraphrased into everyday English for this unique prayer book.

the Book of KJV Prayers contains those Bible prayers from the King James Version only!

Christian Poet’s Guide to Writing Poetry is the e-book version of the poetry home study course Mary Sayler wrote and used for years with other poets and poetry students.

Christian Writer’s Guide to researching, writing, revising, and presenting all genres in a professional manner comes in this e-book.

Faces in a Crowd – e-book focuses on people and relationships expressed in various forms of poetry.

Hand Me Down the Dawn, an inspirational historical romance novel, originally saw print as part of Zondervan’s Serenade Sage Series

Kneeling on the Promises of God paperback encourages us to claim God's promises in prayer and take God's word for it! An everyday prayer follows the 250+ Bible promises in the book.

Lost in Faith paperback book of traditional poems and free verse presents a realistic view of our doubts, faith, and relationships with God, ourselves, and others.

Poetry Dictionary For Children and For Fun e-book with A to Z descriptions and examples of poetry forms, terminology, and techniques.

PRAISE! published by Cladach Publishing comes in an e-book and paperback of contemporary psalms and prayer-poems.

Talking to the Wren: haiku, short verse, and one long poem published by

What the Bible Says About Love presents scriptures and a brief devotional on what our God of love has to say on this vital subject.